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We are specialist






 with qualifications in both horticulture and building. We design your garden in consultation with you, the owner of the garden. We do it with care, with passion and with the attention to detail needed to make your garden a Living Picture that we can all be proud of.

Seven reasons to contact us!

     You'll get some fabulous ideas!

     You'll get a complete garden design. Not just the plants.
     You can have everything done for you.

     You'll get an easy, systematic process with lots of consultation.

     You'll get the absolute most you can get out of your budget.

     You'll be working with someone who turns up on time.
     You can get started for just $330.

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 Over the years we have developed links with other

South Australian

 companies who share our philosophy and confidently include details on our links page so that you may become aquainted with some of them before your garden is installed. Please feel free to contact them independently if you wish. 

There are often several building methods available to any construction. Each can subtly alter the look of the feature being built.Our brilliantly qualified designers can work with your selected contractors to ensure that your garden is installed true to the vision of your garden concept plan.